James Bria III

AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist

Weather Expert

James V. Bria III is an avid weather enthusiast with an interest in weather since childhood. James attended the State University of New York at Albany and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Atmospheric Science with a Minor in Business in 2001.

He was hired by CompuWeather in 2003 and has worked with the company since. In 2014, he earned the prestigious Certified Consulting Meteorologist Seal (#695) from the American Meteorological Society. James has extensive experience as a forensic meteorologist and expert witness, having been qualified as an expert for deposition and trial testimony in over 90 cases for both state and federal courts. James is detail oriented, thorough and committed to a high level of quality service.

He grew up in southwestern Connecticut and in his free time enjoys traveling, watching baseball, trying new food and hiking.

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