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Considering Using Free Historical Weather Data? Three Questions to Think About

You’ve just been assigned another personal injury case. Only this time, the weather is an important factor. You must know the weather conditions at a specific time and location in order to help build your case strategy. You perform a quick Google search for “free historical weather data” on a specific date at a certain location which results in an overwhelming number of reporting sites to use. With all of this free weather data available to you, you can surely find all of the data necessary to assist you with your case, right? Not exactly.

It may seem easy and cost effective to gather all available weather data and then interpret the weather conditions on your own. However, there are several questions to think about before using free weather data as a part of your case strategy.

Is the Data You Have Correct? 

It’s important to understand that not all available weather data is accurate data. In fact, data that is certified by the government can contain inaccuracies that may not be detected by an untrained individual. In addition to weather inaccuracies, the data you come across may not be truly representative of the location where the incident took place. Plus, the data you come across may leave out important information that could help your case. There is always the possibility that other data sources could better answer the questions you have regarding your case.

Certified weather experts only use reliable, accurate data sources that are generally accepted in court. They’re able to quickly analyze and interpret weather data to give you all the necessary information relevant to your case. Plus, they have access to data that is not available on the web, and can determine which source to use that will best answer your specific questions.

Is “Free Weather Data” Actually Free? 

Time is extremely valuable. Sorting through all the available weather data in order to find what best suits your strategy could take hours, if not days. Plus, using inaccurate or misrepresentative data in court could lead to an opposing weather expert exposing these inaccuracies, thereby jeopardizing the outcome of your entire case. What seemed like a cost effective solution initially, may end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long-run and a lot of time.

By using a weather expert, you eliminate the costly risks associated with using free weather data. Weather experts offer various cost-effective and quick solutions for your case.

Do You Understand the Opposing Experts’ Work? 

You may feel that you have a comfortable understanding of your own findings, but what about the opposing weather experts’ work? When you consult with a weather expert, they can critique opposing weather experts’ work for accuracy. They can also expose any obvious biases, as well as assure that they aren’t leaving out any information that may help your case. By having the support of a weather expert, you can feel confident in your case strategy and know what to expect from the opposing side.

Consider the benefits of using a weather expert before relying on free weather data online. Avoid costly and lengthy trials by getting quick and accurate answers from a professional. Our experts are here to help you on your next weather-related case. Give CompuWeather a call at 1 (800) 825-4445. Speak with our Certified Consulting Meteorologists and see how their expertise can add value to your legal case.

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