Insurance Professionals

Our weather reports provide site-specific information to assist with eliminating fraudulent claims and making quick and accurate decisions for claims anywhere in the United States. All our weather reports are prepared and supported by American Meteorological Society (AMS) Certified Consulting Meteorologists that have extensive experience. If a claim involves weather or coverage period disputes, CompuWeather will provide the necessary details for accurate processing. 

General Liability & Property Damage

Our experts have provided site-specific weather details for tens of thousands of general liability and property damage claims such as:

General Liability 

  • Slip & falls due to snow, ice or rain – VIEW SAMPLE
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Extreme temperature
  • Injuries due to wind/flooding – VIEW SAMPLE 

Property Damage

  • Rainfall & flooding – VIEW SAMPLE 
  • Wind damage – VIEW SAMPLE 
  • Lightning – VIEW SAMPLE
  • Hail analysis
    • Site-specific search over long periods for radar-detected hail and witness reports of hail around your loss location – VIEW SAMPLE
    • Detailed site-specific graphical hail analysis for a particular date containing a map and discussion – VIEW SAMPLE

Litigation Services

Should a claim transition into a litigated matter, our weather experts have extensive litigation experience to make that transition seamless and support your counsel throughout the life cycle of the case. See our Attorneys page for further detail on our litigation services.