Various weather-related events on a banner including snow, rain, sunshine, tornado, hail, lightning, and a hurricane

CompuWeather Services

Forensic Weather Analysis

Weather Analysis Reports – Site-specific detailed weather analyses prepared in a formal written report with discussion, abstract, opinions, conclusions and data sources. Our Certified Consulting Meteorologists stand behind all our reports and provide expert support for additional consulting and trial testimony. We prepare customized reports for the following common types of weather related cases:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Visibility
  • Marine
  • Temperature extremes
  • Credibility
  • Custom / Special Case
  • Available Options for Reports:
  • Hourly Temperature
  • Hourly Rainfall Totals
  • Hourly Snow / Ice Totals
  • Hourly Wind
  • Sun & Moon Data
  • Melt-Refreeze of Existing Snow & Ice
  • Forecasts / Advisories
  • Sunlight Exposure Analysis
  • Custom Requests
  • HailTrail – Hail Analysis:
    Site-specific search over long periods for radar-detected hail and witness reports of hail around your loss location. VIEW SAMPLE
    Detailed site-specific graphical hail analysis for a particular date containing a map and discussion. VIEW SAMPLE
  • Lightning Strike Analysis:
    Site-specific analysis of lightning strikes around your loss location with maps, confidence ellipses, and tables.
  • Long Period Weather Data Analysis:
  • Daily Weather Data
  • Wind Threshold*
  • Rainfall Threshold*
  • Snowfall Threshold*
  • High or Low Temperature Threshold*
  • Custom Requests

Threshold value can be any desired magnitude(s).

  • Hurricane Timeline Charts – site-specific analysis summarized on a one page chart containing hourly conditions during a hurricane or tropical storm. VIEW SAMPLE
    • Wind
    • Rainfall
    • Storm Tide
  • Detailed Site-Specific Hurricane Reports – site-specific detailed analysis of a hurricane or tropical storm in a written formal report with discussions, charts & graphs, abstract, conclusions, opinions and data sources.

Consulting and Testimony

  • Expert Consulting on Special Projects – Work one-on-one with a Certified Consulting Meteorologist to discuss your case or investigation. Our Certified Consulting Meteorologists have the knowledge and experience to provide a complete understanding of how the weather impacts your case or project.
  • Phone Consultation with a Certified Consulting Meteorologist
  • Weather Expert Affidavit Preparation
  • Weather Expert Disclosure Review
  • Review of Case Documents
  • Review of Documents and Weather Related Opinions from Opposing Counsel
  • Trial Preparation
  • Weather Expert Testimony for Trial / Deposition

Weather Data

  • Non Certified Data
  • Certified Weather Records