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Forensic Weather Services for Insurance Professionals

Many different types of claims involve weather as a significant factor. Our weather reports provide site-specific information to assist with eliminating fraudulent claims and making quick and accurate decisions for claims anywhere in the United States. All of our weather reports are prepared and supported by American Meteorological Society (AMS) Certified Consulting Meteorologists. Our weather experts have extensive experience. If a claim involves weather or coverage period disputes, CompuWeather will provide the necessary details for accurate processing.

The Importance of Using a Weather Expert for Your Claim

There are many benefits to using CompuWeather. An important one is that we have the expertise to provide an analysis of the weather for the actual location of your claim. Plus, our services assure that costly mistakes are avoided when evaluating your weather-related claims. One such mistake is trying to interpret the weather on your own.

There are multiple reasons why interpreting the weather yourself is a bad idea. You may not understand how to interpret weather data correctly, or you may not have access to all available credible data. Plus, you might be looking at inaccurate data or viewing data from sites that aren’t representative of the location of your claim. Therefore, by using free data online from unofficial weather sources, you risk using inaccurate and unsupported data that can lead to improper processing of a claim, or can be exposed if the claim becomes litigated.

Our experts understand that weather-related claims can be very costly. While it may feel easier to interpret weather data yourself, CompuWeather’s experts have the special training to analyze data and provide you with quick, cost-effective, and accurate answers. Therefore, we do the work of accurately interpreting the weather so that you don’t have to take that risk.

Give CompuWeather a call at 1 (800) 825-4445. Speak with our Certified Consulting Meteorologists and see how their expertise can add value to your insurance claim. 

General Liability Claims

Slip & Falls 

Our experts use official weather data sources, including Doppler radar, to gather all the facts surrounding your slip and fall claim. They are able to determine if there was a storm in progress, if melting and refreezing occurred, if black ice was present, and if there were notice issues.

View a sample slip & fall report here

Motor Vehicles & Trucking Accidents

We often assist insurance professionals with motor vehicle and trucking accident claims because many of them are caused by poor weather conditions. Our experts use official weather data sources to reconstruct the weather at the time and location of a motor vehicle accident such as visibility, fog, precipitation, wind, sun glare, and whether road surfaces were wet or icy.

Injuries Due to Wind

For injuries caused by strong winds, our experts work on claims that involve wind; whether a person was struck by a falling tree or flying debris, or any injury or loss of life caused by a strong wind. We detail the timing of strong wind, the wind direction, and speed, and can determine whether or not strong winds were forecasted. Also, we provide reports on heavy rain and flooding events that detail the timing and amount of rain and if flooding was forecasted.

Extreme Temperature

We can provide temperature reports for claims involving extreme temperatures. We’ve worked on claims involving frozen pipes, heat stroke, and more.

Property Damage Claims

In addition to personal injury matters involving weather, our experts have provided qualified weather-related opinions on thousands of property damage claims such as:

Wind Damage

Claims involving wind damage are very common. Our wind reports provide a thorough analysis of the wind. They include the peak wind gust and direction for the location of the claim. Also, we offer wind threshold studies. These studies show how often a wind speed of a certain magnitude was observed over a defined period of time.

View a sample wind damage report here

Hands cusped holding hailstones after a hailstorm

Hail Damage

Hail damage often occurs to residential and commercial properties. We provide two types of reports to assist you with your hail damage claims. Our HailTrail Search report provides you with radar-derived hail estimates and lists actual reports of hail in tabular form for a defined period of time. The report includes the distance of each hail report from the location of the incident along with hail size. Our HailTrail report is a detailed site-specific graphical hail analysis with a discussion for a particular date. The report is a map that outlines areas where hail fell, along with the size of the hail.

View a sample HailTrail Search Plus report here
View a sample HailTrail Map report here

Flooded water at Bicaz Lake and viaduct in Romania during the daytime

Rainfall, Flooding & Water Intrusion

We cover claims involving flooded homes, roof leaks, sewer backups, and general property damage due to floodwaters. Our flood reports detail rainfall over a given period at the loss location, and indicate the average recurrence interval for how often a rainfall event of that magnitude normally occurs. In addition, we offer rainfall threshold studies, which show how often a rainfall of a certain magnitude was observed over a given period.

Litigation Services

Should a claim transition into a litigated matter, our weather experts have extensive litigation experience to make that transition seamless. We will support your counsel throughout the life cycle of the case. See our Attorneys page for further details on our litigation services.

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