Plane parked at the airport in Moscow, Russia during a snow storm in February, 2015

Specialized Weather Experts Available to Work on Maritime and Aviation Cases

There are attorneys who specialize in the niche fields of maritime or aviation law. These fields often involve high profile cases regarding wrongful death, severe injury, or property damage. At CompuWeather, we offer weather experts that specialize in aviation and marine weather. These experts assist attorneys with reconstructing the weather for these specialized cases. Our experts have a great deal of experience in their respective fields. Hiring a weather expert is often critical in both maritime and aviation cases, since weather plays such a large role when it comes to flying planes and sailing vessels. Planes and ships both need to limit their exposure to bad weather. When they don’t, the consequences can be disastrous.

Maritime Cases

Loaded container freight ship sailing in stormy ocean with tall and heavy breakers still near shore

Over the years, CompuWeather has worked on many maritime cases. These involve incidents such as personal injury on small boats and oil platforms, cargo loss, vessel damage, and more. Our experts provide valuable consulting and analysis to reconstruct wind speeds, wave and swell heights, temperature, precipitation, and more for specific locations.  Past weather forecasts are also important, and are another piece of information we can provide. For example, was the vessel made aware of bad weather before they sailed into it, or was the storm unexpected and not in the forecast? Were the waves and winds strong enough to cause injury to someone on a small boat? CompuWeather’s experts will give you the answers you are looking for.

Aviation Cases

Plane parked at the airport in Moscow, Russia during a snow storm in February, 2015

Most of the aviation cases we work on involve plane crashes and injuries or damage caused by turbulence, but we can investigate the weather for any type of aviation incident. We provide weather consulting and analysis to determine wind speeds at the ground and aloft, fog and visibility, temperature, precipitation when the incident occurred, and more. Forecasts are often relevant with aviation matters as well. If the weather and visibility were predicted to be bad, should a small plane have stayed on the ground and not taken off? Could strong winds have affected the plane’s flight or caused it to crash? Our experts will help answer those questions for you.

We can help fill the weather void that you may have on these cases so that you can develop an informed and bulletproof strategy. We will help you limit any pitfalls that could arise due to a lack of weather understanding. Our weather experts will be happy to work with you on your next maritime or aviation case.

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