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The Value of a Weather Expert

Why Should You Retain a Forensic Weather Expert?

Attorneys routinely rely on expert testimony from specialists in medicine, accounting, forensic science and other areas when they’re building a case and presenting arguments. But how often have you considered consulting with a forensic weather expert? While it seems like everyone has a story and an opinion about the weather, a forensic meteorologist can provide reliable, authoritative reconstructions of weather events to give you the facts you need. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of working with a weather expert.

Making informed decisions.

You value honest and unbiased information when taking on new clients and providing them with representation. The insight of a forensic meteorologist will help give you the understanding you need to advise clients and seek the best possible outcome.

The best data and analysis.

Data collected from the internet is often unreliable, especially when weather events vary widely between reporting sites. A qualified weather expert has access to official, credible and certifiable weather reporting site data, including specialized sources of information like Doppler radar and satellite data. They also have the knowledge and expertise to interpret them.

Knowledge and credentials.

Look for weather experts who are certified in their field by professional organizations such as the American Meteorological Society (AMS). These certifications require rigorous testing of knowledge, experience and character to prove that a weather expert is qualified to provide forensic weather verification.

Matching the opposition.

When the other side has a weather expert on their team and you don’t, this can put you at a significant disadvantage. A forensic meteorologist not only offers expert weather analysis and testimony but can also review the opposing weather expert’s analysis and testimony for biases or errors that have an impact on the case.

Confidence and peace of mind.

Weather events are often complex and difficult to understand. It takes an expert to analyze all weather data sources in order to reconstruct what actually happened during a weather event and to evaluate witness testimony against actual weather conditions. You can rely on forensic meteorologists to effectively present and explain the weather to a judge or jury.

Whether you represent insurance companies, engineering firms or victims of weather-related accidents and damage, a forensic meteorologist will provide you with reliable, unbiased analysis to assure that you are prepared to handle your case.

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