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Weather Data is Not a Weather Analysis

While weather data is the primary source for historical weather information, obtaining weather data without a thorough analysis by a forensic meteorologist can result in missing critical pieces of weather information. Weather data provides a significant amount of information regarding weather conditions on any given day. The data can include temperatures, wind speeds, precipitation type, precipitation amounts and precipitation timing, among other items. This information can provide a picture of the weather conditions on a particular day, but that picture is not always going to be fully clear based on just a few pieces of weather data.

An important part of weather data is understanding not only what weather conditions are reported, but also what conditions are not reported. The potential error comes when making an assumption that no data reported means that a specific weather condition did not occur on a specific day. The reported weather conditions within the data are not standard across the board for all reporting stations. Some data is reported at midnight, while other data is reported around daybreak. Some weather stations include snowfall and snow/ice cover, while others do not. Any assumption made can have a huge effect on the case you are trying to make.

The quality of the weather stations used is extremely important as well. All weather data must be maintained, quality controlled and certified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This is vital since all NOAA data is held to the same quality standard for the entire United States.

As a result, the most cost-effective solution is for CompuWeather’s meteorologists to provide a complete analysis of the weather conditions for the location of the incident. Our weather experts will take into consideration every available piece of weather data to generate a comprehensive analysis of the weather conditions at the specific loss location. This information will help you make well informed decisions on the most effective way to proceed with your case. Our meteorologists will also use their experience to provide you with information on any potential areas of concern with respect to the weather. The best solution for your case is to have a full analysis completed by a weather expert. Only using weather data without an analysis can end up in higher costs in the long run.

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