Sidewalk layered with snow and ice next to an iron fence

Is That Photo Real

Is that photo real? CompuWeather was retained by a defense attorney to determine the weather conditions for a slip and fall on snow and ice. After CompuWeather completed the analysis, the defense attorney was surprised to read the conclusions of the report. The report concluded that no snow or ice cover was present and the last snow event that occurred was not only weeks prior but was only a minor event.

The defense reached out to CompuWeather to make sure that the correct dates were analyzed. It turns out there were photos admitted into evidence that supposedly depicted snow and ice everywhere at the day and time of the accident. After a few follow up calls and a review of the photos with CompuWeather, it was determined that the photos were not taken at the time they were said to have been taken. These were not photos of the scene on the date and time of the accident.

The defense went from having a tough case to defend to being in a much more favorable position. The investment in CompuWeather’s services was beneficial in a way that the defense had never expected.

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