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An Outlook on the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be another above-average season. After 2020’s record-breaking season, it’s hard to believe that 2021 could compare. Although a previous year cannot tell us what will happen in the following year, scientists have already predicted 2021 will be another very active season.

What Does an Average Season Look Like? 

The Atlantic Basin hurricane season will officially begin on June 1st and run through November 30th. An average Atlantic hurricane season will include 12-14 named tropical systems, of which 6-7 develop into hurricanes, and 3 of the 6-7 become major hurricanes. However, last year’s hurricane season more than doubled the average for both named tropical systems and hurricanes – 30 and 13, respectively. Plus, the activity from 2020 used an entire list of names and dug into the Greek alphabet for additional storm names – only the second time in history.

2021 Hurricane Season Forecast 

Every year, experts at Colorado State University (CSU) release hurricane forecasts beginning in April. Their initial forecast predicts 17 named storms, of which 8 would develop into hurricanes, and 4 of the 8 would turn into major hurricanes.

In addition, CSU predicts an above-average Accumulated Cyclone Energy index – otherwise known as ACE. The ACE metric is used to express the amount of energy a tropical cyclone uses during its lifetime. An average ACE index ranges between 66 and 111. CSU predicts the 2021 hurricane season will have an ACE index of 150.

What About the Storm Names? 

Below are the names for the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. Unlike in 2020, a list of supplemental names will be used instead of the Greek alphabet, if necessary.

Stay Prepared for the 2021 Hurricane Season 

It’s important to be prepared for hurricane season prior to its official start date. Therefore, make sure you have an evacuation plan in place, an emergency kit prepared, and stay updated on the latest forecast information. You can find more information on how to stay prepared for hurricane season at CDC.gov or ready.gov.

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