A caution wet floor sign on tile flooring to prevent a slip and fall

Slip & Falls – Not Just a Wintertime Incident

With the advent of spring, it’s easy to think that the season of slip and fall cases and claims is over. While the majority of these incidents do occur in the winter months where snow and ice provide a slippery walking surface, the potential for the same type of injury can occur when someone slips on water on a wet indoor surface.

Our experts often get involved in cases where someone slips on water after just entering a public venue. This water may have been tracked in due to an ongoing or recent rainstorm. Often, the property owner is liable if there were no mats placed inside the door, especially if the flooring is slippery when wet, such as ceramic tile. In these cases, our clients will often ask us to tell them what the weather forecast was for the day(s) leading up to the incident. How much notice, if any, did the property owner have that it would likely rain, and should they have been proactive about putting down floor mats?

Another weather condition leading to a wet floor can be a heavy rainstorm that causes a roof to leak. This is a common occurrence after a particularly severe winter season, when snow and ice may have caused roof damage that goes undetected until the first heavy rainstorm or thunderstorm of spring. Additionally, the hail storms that are so common in spring/summer often cause roof damage that provides an opening for rain intrusion.

Slip and fall accidents are a year-round occurrence. Our experts can assist you with identifying and documenting any or all of these springtime hazards.

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