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Can a Weather Expert Help Solve a Crime?

One of the earliest instances of weather playing a role in a legal proceeding dates back to the 1800’s. A prime minister was sued by his neighbor for organizing a community prayer for rain during a drought. His neighbor’s barn had been struck by lightning and burned down during the storm that followed. The prime minister argued that the prayer asked for rain, and that the lightning was an act of God. The court agreed and dismissed the claim.

A Weather Expert’s Role in Criminal Cases

Fast forward to today, weather plays a role in all types of legal cases – motor vehicle accidents, aircraft crashes, theft, suicide, sexual assault, and even murder. In such cases, weather can be a critical factor for the timing of a murder, DNA preservation, and validating a suspect’s whereabouts. Weather is often relevant when it comes to determining credibility. Therefore, a weather expert may be called upon to validate or invalidate an alibi, determine weather conditions, or explain the frequency of certain weather events. Forensic meteorologists use historical weather information and other factors to help determine guilt or innocence. Often, their testimony is enough to establish justice.

If It Involves Weather – We Can Help

CompuWeather was retained on a case by the District Attorney to assist the prosecution in a homicide investigation. A weather expert was needed to provide long term temperature analysis at a specific time and location. CompuWeather’s experts’ analysis was then used by another expert to determine decomposition of the remains of the victim. Ultimately, the jury found in favor of the prosecution.

Clearly, a weather expert can be extremely valuable in a criminal investigation. The skills and knowledge of a forensic meteorologist can help solve many important cases. So, the next time you are working on a criminal case, remember that a weather expert may have the answers you need.

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